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one of the most uninteresting features on ‘linkedin’ has always been the ‘recommendations’ section, where people endorse you, obviously what happens is that everybody gets their friends to say nice things about you, well…they would wouldn’t they? so it is pretty meaningless on the whole, this one i just got from an old friend ‘nick strong’ however is great, and (except for the last line) completely true:

"I have no reason to reccomend Martin at all – He is impatient, has extremely bad taste and above all no sense of humour! Whatever he does turns pear shaped – I personally feel that using Martin as a TOP designer is equivalent to committing professional suicide the result will probably lose you your client and the complete contents of your company bank account and ultimately lead to a nervous breakdown apart from that he is rather handy with a logo as long as its bigger than the photo itself. Now on a more serious note Martin is probably the best designer i know and he is British need i say more…"

thanks mate, so come on people what are you waiting for?!

m / 03-05-2010 11:01

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