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a big parcel from ‘guangzhou, china’ arrived in the studio, this week (i don’t get many of them) it turned out to be the recently released book ‘mini graphics’ containing several of my projects from a new chinese design publisher and very well-made & researched it is too…

there are a lot of projects that i was already familiar with but also many i wasn’t, the prodcution quality of the book is also very high and easily matches many of the bigger european and american names in this field…

one little gripe: they really should have got a native speaker to write the text, the book has an introduction in three languages: english, spanish and french (unusual choice) but despite my pointing out several bad spelling mistakes and errors to them at various stages they have still made some very strange mistakes and the background texts are at times almost nonsensical, please next time: take the effort to get the writing checked properly… it counts

m / 01-05-2010 22:29

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