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my typographical illustration: the ‘making of’

a double page spread made for a one-off magazine entitled ‘made you think’ i chose to make a typographical piece using a quote once made by designer ‘milton glaser’ to ‘steven heller’:

‘every generation has to make it’s own discoveries,
even if they are old discoveries’

(taken from the 1994 publication ‘looking closer, critical writings on graphic design’)

i found this quote very liberating as a designer when i first read it and decided to apply that principle to the way i made this design, i would do it differently for example, if i were to start again, which i do not intend to do…

the piece was made entirely by hand using thousands of steel pins and one continuous piece of 100 meter long kite string, one side is negative using black type and white string, the other side is positive using black wool…

it took ages to make (more than a week in total) and i decided to show the whole process, so there are lots of images to see here, at the end is one of the sketch ideas i had using a pun on the title of the magazine (made you think), but later rejected…

i have also uploaded this piece to my behance and got a few positive reactions there and also from ‘steven heller’… but as yet no reaction from the man who originally said it: ‘milton glaser’ to both of whom i also sent it…

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