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it’s been a busy week, amongst other stuff, i attended the ‘design career’ event vroaam! last thursday, and gave a talk with my friend ‘pepijn’ from agency ‘dawn’; the idea was that we were to explain briefly how we came to do what we do, then an interviewer was going to try and discover the difference between working for a boss versus going solo… i’m not sure that was what we ended up talking about, but it was fun to do and i tried to make an interesting presentation by not being too serious about it all, whether i succeeded is up to others to say i guess

then i spent the afternoon doing portfolio surgery with students, the hand-embroidered poster (above) by ‘julia’ made me smile… (sorry i forgot her full name but then again she didn’t have a business card… oops) there was a lot of good work but i find it a daunting idea that these young designers are being launched into a market that could prove to be too tough for some… so i tried to give them some useful advice… good luck

m / 28-03-2010 16:28

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