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the masterclass ‘ruud baan’ and i have been doing for the dutch photography association has come to an end and it’s been a valuable learning experience for all concerned including us

here are four images from the final series that will be exhibited in early april, the brief was to shoot a set of 3 images (an ‘action’ shot, a portrait and ‘one other’ image in a double page-spread format) of young football stars with ‘young heroes’ as the brief and us two acting as the client, asking difficult questions and helping them get through the complicated process of organising the whole thing… including make-up styling, locations and sudden cancellations: basically all the stuff that comes with this kind of project, more news on the series soon

images (in order) by ‘petra van der veer’, ‘feiko koster’, ‘lilian van rooij’ and ‘kirsten wilmink’

m / 04-03-2010 17:22

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