pointing the camera the other way around

What really scares me with digital photography is the speed of it. I’m scared that in many places there might be a tendency to arrive somewhere and just shoot, because you are aware how fast the images are. you suddenly find them in a newspaper or a magazine before you have actually had a chance to think about what you’ve just seen. I think that there is a great danger that everything gets ridiculously fast. In most cases you don’t need that speed. I would prefer to wait a little while and to really understand.

In the aftermath of Abu Ghraib and the Tsunami, a cross-section of 32 photographers was invited in situ by the two artists into a Spartan, black painted studio, in order to capture their still portraits and video interviews. By isolating the photojournalists and placing them in front of their camera, Galic and Gredig reverse the asymmetrical power relationship between photographer and subject, and explore the self-perception of the photographers.

see the whole project here

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