Any world promotes the relevance of its own existence, whether it?s the world of politics, finance or design. It?s human nature: machinery made of passion, compassion, vanity and opportunism. Is it possible for young designers, be they driven, confused or tempered, to find a place in the midst of this system of clients, curators and price-setters? Will they survive in this jungle? I think they will, and I?m actually pretty optimistic about it. Investing in high-quality graphic design implies recognition and acknowledgement of complexity, of nonnuance as nuance, of connection in all directions. It seems to me that accepting this complexity is not only honest, but necessary.
That?s they way it was with Bauhaus and that?s the way it is today. And for that you need both specialists and generalists.

my friend and designer ‘hugo puttaert’ has written a piece on the state of graphic design in flanders (belgium) you can download the whole article (dutch or english) and read more about the book it was written for here

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