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it’s been a busy few days for me, attending openings and social events in the run up to christmas, starting with MASS a pretty impressive show by duo ‘freudenthal and verhagen which is being hosted for the coming week only in an enormous and very unusual (but now defunct) gay sauna in the centre of town, the opening party was combined with the launch of the latest FOAM

magazine and turned out to be a very busy ‘see and be seen’ social function? then on friday evening i was invited to attend the farewell party for the departing ‘stedelijk museum’ director ‘gijs van tuyl‘ there were many words of praise from people such as mayor of amsterdam ‘job cohen’ but the text message-protest action ‘doe iets’ also get mentioned several times during the evening? it has to be said that the protest appears to be a private initiative, headed by disgruntled locals frustrated by

the fact that all of the major cultural locations in amsterdam have been closed all together (stedelijk, rijksmusem and the scheepvaart museum) although the ‘doe iets’ protest looks to me as if the ‘stedelijk museum’ itself is also involved behind the scenes? still it was nice to be back in the museum briefly after five years of absence (and potentially another three to go?) later the same evening belgian artist ‘michael aerts’ opened his new show ‘please please me’ in cultural centre ‘de brakke grond’? not really my thing but worth a quick visit all the same? if you get the chance go to the ‘MASS’ show this week? go, for the ‘stedelijk museum’ though you may need to wait a few years?

m / 12-12-2009 21:48

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