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new ‘things’

we are busy completing two new titles in the ‘dingen’ kids books series (see ‘me work’ for more info): one about transport and the other is an amsterdam special

the amsterdam special will also be featuring in a larger photography exhibition taking place early next year, more news on that soon…

the ‘monodot’ identity was proof printed this morning and is looking great, needs a few tweaks but i’m very pleased so far…

m / 19-11-2009 17:44

stick man

some really nice, playful illustrative photography from berlin-based rebekka ehlers

update: rebekka also has her own site

m / 19-11-2009 17:40

more new work

i’ve just completed yet another two (a total of six this week) new posters, the first is a rather classical looking piece for a baroque music ensemble from amsterdam (not really my thing to be honest) the sun motif was an adaptation from their previous posters… and secondly a new poster and flyer for comedienne ‘ellen dikker’ who is touring holland with her new show ‘fjord’ early next year… this one is also a follow on from a previous poster made two years ago… the image was shot by ‘ruud baan’

m / 19-11-2009 17:36

there is love in you

off topic post: damn, bad news i was too late finding out but if you have time one of the most genius electronic musicians/composers around ‘kieran hebden’ (a.k.a. four tet) is touring europe and is actually playing in utrecht, near amsterdam, this evening go if you can, he’s amazing live…

the good news is he has a new album due next january, with very funky looking artwork, as usual…

m / 19-11-2009 17:30

?it?s called Arial. I think everyone likes that one…

this is a mildly amusing twitter feed called clients from hell, seems only fair that there should also be a ‘designers from hell’ one though, actually this week a client actually asked me to make the logo (their logo) smaller, and when i had… they asked if it could be even smaller… very weird, (tip via my mate ‘thijs’ who spends too much time twittering i reckon)

m / 19-11-2009 17:24