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i have posted several pieces about ‘google street view’ and the increasingly strained issue of privacy in the public domain, such as the case in holland where two muggers were arrested after being recognised on ‘street view’ or artists like ‘michael wolf’ (see earlier post this week) whose work plays with the voyeuristic nature of photography…

well, it turns out that yesterday one of my neighbours actually recognised me sat at a café with a friend just around the corner from my house, on ‘google street view’! you can see me (very clearly) right here, i can even tell that i had recently been to the hairdressers and which waitress was working that day… although the document lying on our table has been blurred

the idea is that any faces are automatically blurred to protect the innocent, except in this case the google camera truck captured our lunch session from three separate angles, thus making it pretty easy to identify me… it took me a while to figure out who my companion was that day, but now i know exactly when these pictures were taken (may last year) and i can almost see what we had for lunch… weird…

incidentally i followed the arrow route (heading north) back towards my house and noticed that the bronze coloured mercedes shown here apparently got stuck behind the google camera truck all the way along the canal

m / 07-11-2009 21:32

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