reading american landscapes

yet another beautiful book has been released from designer irma boom, the book has a pretty large format yet weighs very little due to the low quality paperback stock used, the design is very minimal and it’s not the first time i’ve seen a book where the crop marks have been left in view on the pages’ although it seems utterly appropriate to the ‘expansiveness’ of the subject matter in this case… the overall feel and tactility of the book is fabulous…

The backbone of the book is a bibliography compiled specially for the study trip, from which the authors each took one title as the starting point for their essays. The result is a remarkable series of reflections on American landscape architecture and public space, with visual essays by the artists and photographers who were part of the group. The bibliography is brought to life in over 6500 photographs, pointing beyond words to a landscape that can only be truly grasped in its infinite expanse.

m / 29-10-2009 18:40

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