dda 2009

well congratulations to all of the winners on saturday at the ‘dutch design awards’ i wasn’t one of them but i also genuinely didn’t expect to be… the whole list can be seen here

still i spent the weekend in the company of some good friends and colleagues and got to see some amazing work, the level is very high and the ‘dutch design week’ in eindhoven is hosting a number of very interesting shows, including the designhuis ‘graduation show’, the design academy show and of course the green house showing all of the finalists from the ‘dda’, worth a visit if you have time this week, gert dumbar also picked up the ‘piet zwart prijs’ and, as usual, didn’t miss an opportunity to bore everybody with his views on marketing… the dutch design yearbook was also launched on saturday and is now on sale…

m / 19-10-2009 10:20

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