UK designers ‘adrian shaughnessy’ & ‘tony brook’ (from spin) have started a small, quality design-related publishing company together entitled ‘unit editions’ and released their first (excellent) book ‘studio culture’ which is a round up of interviews and insights on running a design studio (not the ‘what does the work look like’ stuff but the ‘how & where’ stuff) i read it last week and would definitely recommend it… unit also have a nice collection of their favourite design books on show here, looking forward to their next book already (see the website for links to reviews and better images)

i have been invited to a small presentation by both authors who are in amsterdam this tuesday to talk about the book and their work…

Studio Culture provides a unique glimpse into the inner workings of 28 leading graphic design studios. In a series of penetrating interviews, the mechanics of building and maintaining a vibrant studio culture are laid bare with disarming frankness.

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