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… and his black and white cat…

if you’re into great britain ‘nostalgia’ you know: postman pat, inspector morse, the village fĂȘte and stuff like that you might like this oddly fascinating collection of old UK postboxes and they are even ‘sorted by postcode’ wow… why would that be useful exactly? i wonder…

m / 10-09-2009 12:22

?…not on yer nelly!?

an interesting selection of hand printed posters from UK gallery and online store nelly duff the stand-out stuff is from ‘banksy’ and ‘anthony burrill’ if you ask me… it’s also the stuff that is sold out, so there you go

m / 10-09-2009 11:59


my friend ‘sander plug’ has been nominated for the dutch ‘cinema poster awards’ again this year (i was last year) and if you check the entrants online, you’ll see why his should win… the illustration by film director alex van warmerdam is distinctive (emma blank) but the poster isn’t… you can place your vote here (dutch only) thanks to ‘syb’ for the tip… and good luck sander

m / 10-09-2009 11:55

tum tee tum

these posters from designer tom munckton made me smile… if you’re not english ‘the archers’ probably won’t mean a lot… it’s kind of hard to explain, so i won’t bother…

A light hearted poster series that explores the relationship that typography has with language. In this instance we ask how you can write lyrics for an instrumental song?

m / 10-09-2009 11:51


the dutch photography association ‘PANL’ has it’s annual general meeting next week where the new board members will be introduced, theses include several non-photgraphers this year including art director ‘ewoudt boonstra’ from ‘kesselskramer’ and myself… more info can be found on their (sorry our) website

m / 10-09-2009 11:48