the good book

here are two interesting ‘book art’ projects, shown above is against the grain i quote:

Against the Grain Books is a series of wooden sculptures fabricated into the shapes of books. Each book is printed with an original title and will be placed in various libraries throughout the Southern California region and beyond. For a nominal fee of $10.00 plus tax, shipping and handling, you can sponsor a book.

shown above & below the wonderful art of ‘robert the’ bookdust

Robert The never intended to be an artist. As an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, he double majored in Philosophy and Math and was interested in language and logic, pursuing what he calls the ?foundations of truth and meaning.? You might say his artwork continues that same search?but in a skewed way. Books are guns, a dictionary is a noose, and bugs crawl out of covers. They seem to mean something, but what? At the very moment that these works create new significations, the meanings float ever-elusively away.

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