suicide by design

i’ve been following this ‘case’ for years now: the cans have been lying on a shelf in my studio waiting for the next phase to unfold… first change the colour scheme, getting rid of the white and red and move the logo into a corner (see above) turning it into a quarter circle and add a ‘busy’ geometric background pattern (this happened somewhere in the late 90’s…)

then (see above) put the circle back in the middle, but make it look a bit ‘3D’ with lots of fuzzy stuff behind it, turn the logo 90 degrees clockwise thereby making it much smaller and add lots of unnecessary drop shadow effects and make it look ‘speedy’, oh yeah don’t forget to add the tagline ‘great taste’ after all… people really need to know these details don’t they?

then make all of the elements much smaller and shuffle them around, keep the ‘3D’ effects and drop shadows though and to top it off add a load of monochrome imagery in the background… almost there… oh yeah let’s drop the ‘great taste’ reference… it doesn’t…

just in case anybody can still decipher any details (see above) simply add some white typography & icons around the globe and make the background even busier, voila! job complete, anything that made the original marginally appealing or balanced has been designed to death by a whole army of marketing managers… great stuff, these cans are going back on the shelf until the next amazing design comes out… i can’t wait

m / 15-07-2009 22:53

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