gone with the wind

a thick full-colour photography newspaper (definitely a trend at the moment) arrived in the post today, it is a production for the recently revamped zuiderzee museum (dutch art, design and cultural legacy at the interface of land and water.) the magazine is one the productions made under the controversial (& now departed) director ‘erik schilp’ and features some striking work from a whole host of ‘usual suspects’ blommers & schumm, maurice scheltens, viktor & rolf, etc etc.. and was designed by ‘irma boom’

it is beautifully made don’t get me wrong… and i know i sound a bit cynical but…. this kind of publication seems to be occuring too often, hire a bunch of well known people and them give you instant ‘street cred’, it may also even work but it seems to be a poor substitute for a genuine ‘idea’ and finding the appropriate person to fit, rather than ‘name dropping’ for the happy few…

m / 15-07-2009 22:34

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