i just popped out to check the ny perspectives exhibition in the city archive building (till late august), it’s free and definitely worth a visit if you’re nearby… some fabulous work from amongst others ‘gus powell’ shown below and here pictured above ‘joshua lutz’ (confusing, i know but i preferred them in that order, it just looked better)

Amsterdam discovered by New York photographers

To mark the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson?s discovery of Manhattan, Foam (Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam) is teaming up with the Amsterdam City Archives and the John Adams Institute to organise an exhibition about Amsterdam, as seen through the eyes of four New York photographers. Gus Powell, Carl Wooley, Richard Rothman and Joshua Lutz were each commissioned to explore a different aspect of the city: the street, the night, the water and the outskirts. This commission has resulted in surprising images, which show an unknown side of Amsterdam.

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