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when ‘sander plug’ and i were invited to do a talk in utrecht, on the subject of inspiration (last night) we thought it would ‘inspiring’ to not plan ahead and just see what happens on the night, that seemed like a good idea until 5 minutes before we started, at which point it seemed like a very bad idea… we both wished we had prepared a slick presentation instead of just eating chinese food in front of a room full of students and talking off the top of our heads… (that’s sander above trying to eat, talk and be interesting all at the same time (he succeeded)

in fact it would appear that we didn’t do too bad at all… most people found it ok and we both enjoyed it, i was intending to write this post ‘live’ during the talk in front of the audience, as i had my laptop with me but somehow forgot to do it… the student’s presentation and accompanying book were also very well done, next time i might skip the chinese, thanks for the ‘inspiration’ to sander and the audience…

m / 20-06-2009 23:33

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