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garech stone (twin) mailed me an update to their ‘TA2’ project which i took part in last year, here’s the blurb:

As part of the campaign to promote the new Toneelschuur / TA-2 (Toneelgroep Amsterdam) production ‘Antigone – Kreon – Oidipous’, The Stone Twins devised a unique art-project.

On Friday 13 March, a group of artists and designers were invited to visually interpret the play on posters spread throughout the centre of Haarlem. The only constraint was to create their artwork within the frame of the official poster (as designed by The Stone Twins).

The result is a broad array of artistic styles displayed in 20 advertising hoardings throughout the streets of Haarlem. These will be exhibited for the next month during the run of the play. In addition, a selection of the art – by Diogo Tovar, Leo van Velzen, Søren Wibroe, Robert Pennekamp, Edgard Guimaraes – is reproduced in the official program booklet.

Toneelschuur Productions / TA-2 is a new initiative founded to promote the development of theatre directing talent. Following the cue ‘a framework for new talent, The Stone Twins have created a unique frame for each production. Last year, the first two posters in this series – ‘Britannicus’ and ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ were nominated in the prestigious ‘TheatreAffichePrijs’ – the Dutch Theatre Poster Prize.

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