please jump into my bath

Does this sound familiar?
Wednesday morning, it is a beautiful sunny day and your are enjoying your cup of hot, black, sweet coffee? A freshly printed, nice-smelling newspaper on your desk next to your computer.?

belgian designer ‘hugo puttaert and i were in the dutch theater poster awards jury together last year and he mailed me yesterday that he has launched a new website have a look here

dutch design darling ‘wim crouwel’ once said that clients often employ pitches to disguise their own lack of vision (i.e. if you’re not sure what you want get lots of designers to have a shot and hope something you like turns up by chance) this is something i recently experienced myself with a client and hugo obviously has had a similar experience, you can read his article on ‘those fucking pitches’ here

m / 26-02-2009 23:24

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