double take

the talented mister syb mailed me his new posters for the ‘juli dans’ festival 2009 today (called ‘july dance’ because it takes place every year in july), i believe this is the first place you are likely to see them anywhere as they have only just been completed…

an odd collection of partial images that suddenly make sense when you see two separate posters hanging next to each other…

all of the images were selected from the archive of photgrapher martijn van de griendt (except the catwalk model tripping on something, taken from the image bank of ‘hollandse hoogte’)

shown here below are two previous years posters for comparison, very smart how ‘syb’ seems effortlessly to switch to different styles and techniques whilst keeping a similar feel and coherent image from year to year, the signature of the designer is very clearly present in the work

m / 18-02-2009 23:17

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