more new books

two recently published books that have somehow landed on my desk this week:
the latest in the fabulous ‘poster series’ by ‘lars müller’ publishers (number 19) entitled ‘head to head, political posters’ the book is obviously timed to coincide with the enormous hero-worship surrounding ‘obama’ and the way graphics have played such a large role in his campaign, some interesting parallels have been drawn in the book between his (& others) posters compared to much older campaigns (such as the kennedy poster shown above) as usual the book is well researched and produced

the second is the latest in the ‘design & designers’ series by french publisher ‘pyramyd’ on amsterdam designers ‘machine’ it’s good to see all of their major projects together & to be able to see a common thread through their work despite the enormous diversity of styles they choose to employ, although it’s a real shame this volume only deals with ‘machine’ and doesn’t include the whole ‘dept’ period which was perhaps, to my mind, more interesting in terms of their impact on the local scene back in the 90’s…

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