the literature of the now

yesterday i attended the ‘cover by artists’ seminar, two speakers made it very much worth while for me, the german agency ‘hort’ represented by ‘eike könig’ (whom i later spoke to briefly) i had never heard of them but already unknowingly own a lot of their work: they are the people behind the fabulous record sleeve work for ‘booka shade’ amongst others and living proof that good quality record sleeve design is not dead…

eike explained to me that ‘hort’ means kindergarten in german and this is exactly the way they have set up the agency: a collective with maximum room for play and experimenting… great stuff

in stark contrast to the ‘here & now’ look and feel of ‘hort’ was the second speaker: mister ‘peter saville’ a long-time hero of mine and always worth listening to… peter has a very well considered and fascinating vision on (visual) culture in all it’s aspects, he spoke in detail and very knowledgeably about what he termed the ‘literature of the now’ the design & music of youth culture…

it was a big shame that the moderator for the afternoon local designer ‘ron van roon’ was not at all matched to peter in terms of intellect or knowledge and missed a big chance to get down to the nitty gritty of our business in conversation with one of it’s undisputed masters… better luck next time, perhaps get someone who knows the subject matter better to moderate next year?

m / 16-11-2008 22:37

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