famous for zero seconds

well that was fun (no really i’m not being sarcastic) i didn’t win the cinema poster awards this afternoon, the poster for ‘the muse’ did, so congratulations to ‘studio beige’
being nominated was already flattering enough (honestly) and we were all interviewed live on TV (VPRO – Ned2) at lunchtime during the ‘film festival journal’ in utrecht which was a new experience anyway

i met a couple of minor celebrities and had some interesting chats with the other designers, including comedian and actor ‘the maassen’ who designed his own poster for the film ‘tbs’

the TV show from today can be seen here (dutch only) and there is also an interesting ‘behind the scenes’ documentary on ‘calimucho’ online here

i finally met the director of ‘calimucho’: eugenie jansen too and apparently the film hasn’t been nominated for a single award at the festival this year… which i find unbelievable, it’s a really unique film and should have been nominated for just about everything, judging by the reactions i heard from other guests and several other directors today, i’m not alone in this opinion…

m / 01-10-2008 18:03

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