les ballets russes

first day back in the studio shooting images today and some of it spent looking at the wrong end of photographer ‘ruud baan’, not a pretty sight…

the dancer we used today was a new soloist at the dutch national ballet ‘casey herd’ fresh from the united states where he danced for the ‘pacific northwest ballet’ in seattle, he’s just arrived in amsterdam and got to spend the day in tights, lying down dressed as a half-human, half-faun with cow print legs… so welcome to europe casey!

the set was a large custom-built lightbox using only the available light source from under the glass and our idea was to make an ‘homge’ to this illustration by the costume designer and artist ‘leon bakst’ famous for his work for the notorious ‘ballets russes’ in paris in the early 20th century, the image is called ‘afternoon of a faun’ and we ended up with the image below-right, a good start to the season and everyone was very pleased with the result

we’re back in the studio again tomorrow for a second shoot and hopefully this time a different view of ruud…

m / 29-07-2008 23:40

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