the ‘ge’ logo which is coming up to it’s 110th birthday soon, is one of those fascinating logos which seems to have withstood the test of time, in fact it turns out that it was restyled back in 2004 by wolff olins, who mercifully resisted the temptation to change this wonderful logo (barring a few minor tweaks) the decision was however made to introduce a palet of 14 colours and the standard black has made way for a light blue (not a good idea if you ask me, no matter what the logic or rationale)

the logo was apparently first used on (and definitely inspired by) the fan shown above… it is a clear ‘child of it’s time’ so who said that good design should be timeless? this was about as trendy as you could get back in 1900, the minimal changes it’s undergone are shown below, i love it!

incidentally, i still haven’t fully recovered from the london 2012 ‘thing’, but at least i have four years to get over the shock…

m / 27-07-2008 22:49

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