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ok, dont get me wrong, i love holland and the dutch (who would live here for more than 20 years if they didn’t?) but… one of my biggest pet-hates is football (no not just the game but the whole package) sure, england has a virtual monoploy when it comes to the negative aspects of football culture and that has a lot to do with why i feel that way (remember the heysel stadium drama anyone?) so that’s why the ugliest thing i can think of in holland is that colour:


yes, literally speaking: because it is so cheap & nasty wherever you see it, but also metaphorically speaking: because it turns the whole nation into jingoistic morons who are prepared to do (or buy) anything that is orange… holland please get disqualified quickly and get back to your good old selves, orange doesn’t really look good on anyone… least of all the dutch, so let’s face it… the only real winners are all of those empty brands peddling their orange crap…

m / 06-06-2008 21:42

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