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i have been invited to take a seat in a one-off editorial team for a a communications magazine that celebrates it’s 35th anniversary in september, we are currently working on all the ideas for this special issue, one of my (rejected) ideas is this:

i asked random people to draw well known logos from memory, as an experiment, the point was to see if people can remember and reproduce, pieces of graphic design that are designed for that very purpose… a sort of memory game if you like… the quick conclusion i made was that people often appear to know very well what logos look like even if they can’t draw them correctly, they have assimilated the ‘essence ‘ of the symbol in their memory, the dutch railway logo (blue one bottom right) for example: the person who drew it couldn’t exactly reproduce it but did understand it’s principle form… i will be making an article on this for myself in the near future anyway, should be interesting… (most of these samples are well-known local dutch brands)

m / 04-06-2008 22:51

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