tuesday poster round-up

this poster by ‘ian wright’ is a tribute to ‘scarface’ and is composed entirely of badges, very nice, see the whole expo
here on a flickr set (link via ‘qbn’)

this one designed by dutch collective 75b has caused a stir in breda at the ‘graphic design festival’ because it features controversial dutch politician ‘gert wilders’ in a pastiche of the H&M campaign, apparently it is being added to the museum’s collection, very odd, surely these kinds of pastiches are a bit old hat by now?

i couldn’t find a credit on this one, but i think it’s very effective, for a saturday morning classical music matinée, nice

i just came across this big rocket, it is for the european space agency and is recruiting personnel, it would appear to be a genuine poster for the ‘esa’, although i’m not sure…

lex reitsma’s latest opera poster, beautiful

m / 03-06-2008 13:47

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