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there is a real glut of design books on the market, which actually makes it easier to pick out the real gems, i find; here are two recent publications that caught my eye (and my hard-earned cash)

german publishing house ‘die gestaltung’ has been releasing some very nice books in the past years (type-one for example) and the new book on book design fully booked is no exception, richly illustrated and with a well-chosen range of recent books, it’s a great summation of the current trends in book design

the american (graphic novel) artist chris ware is notoriously hard to find on the net and rightly so, i think, his work is really made for paper and only then truly comes into it’s own… chris ware lives in his own little world that he occasionally shares with others, luckily he has just published volume two of his ‘acme novelty series’ entitled ‘date-book 1995-2005’

the attention to detail and his odd-ball narrative style is really worth a look…

m / 24-05-2008 16:10

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