me three

three times three hundred and sixty five days makes one thousand and ninety five days, divided between three thousand eight hundred and twenty five ‘me news’ posts, one hundred and seventy five ‘me work’ posts plus seventy five ‘me stuff’ posts, gives you an average of 3.7214 posts per day, everyday for the last three years… which is a very complicated way of saying that the ‘me studio’ blog is three years old today, hip hip hooray to me!

that silver box was the very first image to go up on the blog three years ago… and ‘you are me’ is a very fitting title because quantity counts for nothing as long as i have something worth posting i’ll keep on going… it maybe time to add a ‘feedback’ feature on the site though, just to check whether the quantity to quality ratio is still ok…

m / 23-04-2008 08:47

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