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late friday afternoon i attended the opening of the ‘fanclub’ exhibiion, in which my work was featured, located at the ‘academie galerie’ of the utrecht ‘HKU’ art school

the exhibition was surprisingly well presented and i found myself wondering why all art schools don’t have their own gallery, it’s a good idea and undoubtedly motivates the students to perform better as their efforts are in the public domain, like in the real world…

the studens had displayed the designer’s work (mainly posters) along the walls and their ‘tribute piecs were layed out on a low tabletop in stacks, which the visiting public had to compile themselves and put together to create the book containing all of the entered work plus interviews with the designers, it all felt well considered and executed…
in my interview there was a quote saying ‘inspiration is everything that already exsists, i try to combine this with things that touch me personally’ i have no recollection of saying this but was assured that i did!… the book contains a lot of interesting interviews and opinions and i’m pretty pleased i took part in this particular project… so thanks to barbara my ‘tribute’ student for asking

m / 20-04-2008 22:56

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