here comes the mirror man

i spent a large part of the afternoon in a photo studio in amsterdam with ruud baan, shooting our latest image for the dutch national ballet, the production is called ‘in space’ and we devised an empty cube, which was built as an amazing octogonal, 3 meter high, chamber of mirrors by gloudy & sons set-dressers

the model was a young british dancer called ‘sefton clarke’ and ruud (as usual) made a great job of it, it’s too early to show the image yet but here’s a small impression

we chose to use a lightweight foil attached to wooden frames instead of real mirrors (partly due to the weight problem) but it was also a good choice because the result looks much more unusual than it would have with ‘normal’ glass mirrors, the set took about three times as long to build than the actual shoot which went very smoothly and was all done in less than two hours, i have a feeling this one is going to be one of the best this season, thanks to ruud and rein-willen (vice president, CEO-chairman of gloudy)…

m / 25-02-2008 23:18

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