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yesterday i paid a studio visit to my friend ‘esther noyons’ graphic designer, we talked shop and she showed me some of her latest work, i admire esther’s work a lot, she has a very distinctive style and the work has an un-assuming character that very much reflects esther herself (that’s her hiding in the doorway)

we are swapping some of our work and esther gave me the red butterfly poster and a beautiful little little book she’d made for the ‘dans dagen’ festival, it was made for a very limited budget and sold during the festival with all profits going to a charity for street children in brazil… what a great idea… i also discovered that esther made the ‘rineke dijkstra’ poster series for the stedelijk show last year, shown here (i told you i was hopeless at making pictures esther!)

thanks for the inspiring work and see you soon…

m / 16-11-2007 09:45

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