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this weekend i paid a visit to all we need a massive exhibition around human consumption that aims to explain in a simple and entertaining way what we are doing to the planet and how…

one example of a compellinmg exhibit was a room full of piles of rice grains, that were used to depict statistics in a visual way (one grain of rice = one person) piles were put next to each other to show for example the number of millionaires on earth versus the number of people who live on less than one doller per day (both piles were enormous)

the exhibition was located in an old steel-works in luxembourg and this was a very appropriate and impressive site for the subject matter, the show will be ending late october and will unfortunately not be travelling anywhere else seeing as it was largely custom built to fit the building, if you happen to be in luxembourg in the coming week, it’s worth a look

m / 15-10-2007 17:18

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