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“uncork your wallet”

dutch communication magazine ‘adformatie’ contacted me last week and asked me to respond to the question: picnic 2007
‘uncork your brain’ seemed like a big success, what did the peoiple who attended think?

this is my reaction as published on the site and in the magazine (translated into english)

Martin Pyper, Me Studio
maybe more like "uncork your wallet"? what i noticed, more then anything else, was who wasn’t there. i sound a bit like a dutchman if i say that 900 euros is a lot of money for a self-employed person, but it really is. i can imagine that a lot of people didn’t attend for that reason (yep i blagged a free ticket) as far as i’m concerned it was a real success, plenty of inspiration, plausible predictions for the future, a good atmosphere and many different demographic groups, who all seemed to be enjoying themselves. my favouritres were jonathan harris, photosynth and my old hero held Stefan Sagmeister. we were going to be hosting ‘mind the gap’ at picnic this year but it all fell through unfortunately, maybe next year? anyhow i will be doing my best to blag a free ticket again next year…

m / 12-10-2007 15:08

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