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i spent a large part of this week not working (at least not earning cash) but spending time at ‘picnic’ and getting inspired about the future… well it was worth it

i’m still ruminating on some of the ideas and their implications… below is some of the funky stuff i saw, a great many of the speakers were concentrating on convergence of web 2.0 technology, like this amazing project from microsoft which utilises everybodys’ online images to create an image map of the whole world (at least in theory) the videos are a bit corporate and less interesting than the talk i saw, have a look here

jonathan harris is an artist who explores how we interact on & offline, read about him here… his project
we feel fine
in particular was great to see…

there was also a presentation about touch-screen technology, how about this i want one now!

m / 29-09-2007 23:02

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  1. […] several years ago in 2007: jonathan harris, the man responsible for the ‘we feel fine’ project, when he turned thirty jonathan decided to start a new project called simply today, which has […]

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