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amongst many other events this week in amsterdam is the AGI congress unknown land which has some of the best design thinkers and do’ers attending but unfortunately is, it seems, a gentleman’s club that doesn’t invite may non-members to share their wisdom… fortunately many speakers are also attending ‘picnic’ and so today i got to see the very talented stefan sagmeister who gave a very inspiring talk (his speech was maybe a bit hesitant but the work more than compensates)

we spoke briefly afterwards and stefan still remembered, to my surprise, the last time we met back in 1997 when we convinced him to talk at ‘mind the gap 2’ his projects have certainly grown in size and revenue since then but he still cares more about ‘his’ work than ‘their money’ and that to me is what makes him so inspiring, funnily enough that is also (judging by his current projects) what makes him so inspiring to clients with guts (and money)

m / 27-09-2007 22:01

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