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joost swarte in the ‘volkskrant’ today

interesting interview about the ‘theater poster awards’ (theaterafficheprijs) in the national press today: when asked whether awarding the prize to the same submission two years running was bad for their image, joost swarte (chairman of the jury) responded by saying that it was up to the theater institute to appoint a new jury, after all we (the same jury) have done it

for four years he said… i agree but not about the motive, the reason i believe the jury needs changing is because it doesn’t represent the scope of the entrants as it is now, to be honest awarding the same submission 2 years running is fine if they felt that it was the best work, that’s a jury’s privilege, i’m just not sure the jury is diverse enough to allow new work and unknown entrants to be given the same chance… we’ll see what happens

m / 07-09-2007 21:04

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