death by design

the left-hand can has been lying around in my studio for approximately ten years, it’s the old pepsi, which i bought when i heard that they were changing to a new blue design (the middle can) which was introduced with a lot of noise at the time… of course the new can was a disappointment because they did the marketing thing; add lots of fluff and unnecessary shiny bits… so yesterday i went out and bought the latest can, out of curiosity… just look at what they have done! what a horrible piece of crap… nothing is legible or well designed and just in case you were unsure they have added the text ‘great taste’ to remind you what is missing… i suppose it’s easy to be nostalgic about old design but this really is a case of ‘a change for the worse in ten years time’ in my opinion…

large brands that have run out of ideas can always come up with a competition and ask the general public to design it for them of course… oh look: they have great taste…

m / 13-08-2007 19:20

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