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when I met Davide Bertocchi, an italian artist and friend in Italy late last year he showed me a protoype for his latest project: a 12inch record made entirely out of italian marble, from the district where he was born. It looked amazing but he was still unhappy about the quality at the time, the grooves were too ‘chunky’ and the whole thing was still too thick. This weekend he mailed me these pictures showing the final result….

the installlation consists of 20 solid black marble records of his favourite tracks (complete with engraved label in the centre) and if that wasn’t enough, there is a solid marble soundsystem blasting out music in the gallery where he’s showing the work. We will be working on a project again together later this year, our third in a series of ‘top 100’ cd’s.

m / 24-06-2006 15:19

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