same old tune

remember when music went digital? album cover design
took longer to evolve but when the surface area went from
30 x 30 cm down to 12 x12 cm for a cd cover, music artwork
gradually adapted to the smaller format and the onset of computer design took it in a whole new direction, a similar thing seems to be happening once again, take this cover for the new hot chip album, great artwork which fits the whacky art-school dance funk music well

however when it gets reduced down to the 60 x 60 pixels
used by most online music stores, things start to go fuzzy at the edges, the alex smoke cover below likewise, fits the
minimal-techno it aims to illustrates very well and…

it stands up much better to being scaled down so greatly, I guess that simple, iconic covers like this one are likely to become more frequent as buyers (or borrowers) move from shops to internet… a sign of the times… both good & bad

m / 23-05-2006 22:30

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