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HF 2015

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colour versus colour


does speaking a certain language allow you to “see” more colour than another language? (since there are more descriptions)


a visual exploration created by muyueh lee, on the differences between two languages and how they approach the imprecise art of naming colours

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mad type

some lovely graphic opening titles for the recent madfest design festival in spain, created by my talented buddy calango

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…the images used in the video were taken by different photographers around the world, remarking on the inevitability of capturing the same or similar image as someone else, due to the ubiquity of cameras…

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mo’ work


recent projects and various ‘in progress’ stuff for the metropole orkest, above good news (and bad): a sold out concert poster… which i spotted around amsterdam this week


a new poster which i am currently working on, for a duke ellington theme concert next year and below some illustration tests for another new project which i may be starting early next year, more news soon…



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