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they have been all over the net this week, but still worth a post here: the new norwegian banknotes which have pixellated landscapes images as their main visual element


made by agency snøhetta, i have yet to see them in real life but they look absolutely amazing…


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new work


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mart, mart & me


earlier this year i was invited to be portrayed by talented man mart boudestein, these images (not just one but four) are what he came up with

i find it difficult to decide which one most represents me, but do recognise my instinct to hide behind large frames whenever possible, in all of them


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new work from dawn and christian borstlap

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the dating game


…there will be people who have to hire a designer at some point in their lives. Maybe just once. Maybe on a regular basis. This article is for them. Because I want them to be able to do all of the things in that first paragraph. I want them to be happy. I want to give them the tools to choose a designer well. And still get home in time to inflate the bouncy house for Tristan’s birthday party this Saturday…

entertaining piece (as usual) from mike monteiro on picking the right person to do your job (clients pay attention)

…7. Don’t hire anyone who’s afraid to argue with you…

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