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happy single?


design magazine ‘dude’ asked me to contribute on a little article about working solo, clients, freelance fees and the new tax laws… in their latest issue, out now


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new printed matter


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several of the covers from the pocket-sized, quality architecture magazine ‘anno’ which i designed twice a year, from 1998 to 2001


each cover featured a special technique such as hot-foil stamp, embossing etc… these are some of my favourites

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posters hier


i received a nice little book from igepa paper suppliers, celebrating the papier hier design event at which i was a speaker back in 2012, that was sadly the last event as they decided to stop in 2013, the book features the series of posters for all the events dating back to 1997; with an incredible line-up of speakers through the years…

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it’s been a while since i checked out one of my favourite illustrators: siggi eggertsson


particularly worth a mention is his twitter avatar, this works so great at actual size and is typical of his work for me…

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