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…you’ve got floating M’s. Squares and circles and other geometric backdrops. Tiny notches or flairs. Rather outrageous flourishes. Capital and lowercase M’s alike. There are lots of allusions to motion: from tracks to tunnels to a train itself…

interesting article on the myriad variations of the letter m


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talk to me


on the eve of our 10-year anniversary in august: a six-page interview with journalist dirk van ginkel in dutch design magazine publish this month

i’ll post the text online when i get some time…

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nice series from photographer jonathan castillo who: …catches people idling in traffic, suspended in thought and action. “I’m really interested in capturing those introspective moments that we all have in our cars,” he says. “Overall though, the project is just as much about Los Angeles and the car culture as it is about the people.”…


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coca cola’dam


probably the first (and last) time i will ever admit to liking a coca cola print advert, spotted around amsterdam this week…

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HF 15


the new identity for the holland festival is currently all over town, made by thonik


a big departure from the former identity by maureen mooren (enter holland festival in me search to see some of the former years) and a nod to HF in earlier decades; with a retro feel to the stencil font and colour schemes used

i feel that this work wouldn’t have looked out-of-place in the 1960’s or 1970’s on the streets of amsterdam, this is necessarily meant as criticism as i’m still undecided whether this is a good or bad thing…

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