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the new airbnb identity revamp is all over the place this week, to read more about the why and how just google it

i think the strategy change, the story and especially the new logo is smart, relevant and really well executed; even the choice of a red-ish pink colour is offbeat and different in a world of facebook blue… nicely done


the first parodies have already been spotted online…


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vivian in colour


…but there are always new photographs being discovered from the immense archive that she left behind. every day there are new pictures…


anybody already familiar with the work of this lady will undoubtedly like me, associate it with black & white images, it now appears that she also worked in color… beautiful stuff

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dazzle ship 2.0

thanks to the stone twins for this link to a modern dazzle ship interpretation

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i’ve posted plenty of this stuff before… but i never tire of seeing archive examples of dazzle painting


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spotted (again)


ok, so it may not be that difficult to spot… all the same thanks to my wonderful client mister hunfeld for the image

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