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…we are witnessing the rise of a new generation of social entrepreneurs across the world, who are building businesses with positive social and/or environmental impact, seeking to create a better future for all of us. For these businesses to reach their true potential, they need to communicate clearly who they are, what they do, and why that matters…


busy lady and serial ‘do-gooder’ anne miltenburg has launched a new kickstarter campaign to help finance her branding toolkit for changemakers

the project has passed the 50% mark but could do with your support, time to do some good?

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lenny’s garage

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i just really love this film by erik madigan heck… enjoy
(full-screen is a must)

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voices of tolerance


a typographic installation for the new entrance building of the ons’ liever heer op solder (our lord in the attic) church/museum in the red light district, amsterdam

the newly refurbished museum will open this week (yesterday in fact!) and was completed literally just on time… one week from briefing to realisation


the floor design features the word ‘tolerance’ in 23 languages inlaid on a golden ‘strip’ of light and several typographic surfaces in gold on a specially designed bench


you can see larger images on this facebook post


the project was commissioned by ‘xsaga’ and created together with their team

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the release of the impressive unit editions monograph about often, under-rated (or at least under-recognised) graphic designer lance wyman, nicely corrects the situation (thanks guys, my copy arrived this week)

definitely worth the cash this volume, check out a short interview and some other related articles on their website here plus listen to adrian shaughnessy talk about the man and his work in this monocle audio interview