time, space and freedom

…in 2009 two schools, Werkplaats Typografie (ArtEZ), Arnhem, the Netherlands and ISIA Urbino, Italy, joined together to set up a Summer School in the Renaissance town of Urbino, Italy… the 2011 Summer School requires current students or practicing designers that are inspiring, non-conventional, with authentic and critical minds and who are eager to take risks… the Summer School is not a place where you will be told what to do, it is two weeks where you will have the time, space and freedom to reflect on your practice. In addition, the Summer School is also a potentially enriching environment to share experiences and ideas with the tutors and the other participants…

i could think of worse places to spend two weeks during the summer than in the company of inspiring people like ‘karel martens’ & ‘armand mevis’, why not give it a go?

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