An up close look at the rust eating away at Wawa’s landmark

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canada goose outlet sale SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe town of Wawa has been worried it may have to lose its iconic landmark but the Ontario Sheet Metal Worker’s Union is flying in to try to save the town’s roughly 50 year old Canada Goose.The metal statue has become so corroded that it’s dangerous.But the union has hatched a plan to try and save it.Jay Peterson with the Sheet Metal Workers union said his members will both fundraise and build a new goose.He said they’ve had other experiences with municipal statues, including the stainless steel goose in Midland.They’ve also helped to maintain the landmark that has come to symbolize Sudbury.An up close look at the rust eating away at Wawa’s landmark Canada Goose. (Supplied)”We’ve helped repair the Big Nickel, at one point,” Peterson said.”This type of thing is not unusual for us. We’re happy to be doing this as a partnership with Wawa.”Peterson said plans for a fundraiser include transporting the old goose down to Toronto to find a spot on the Harbourfront.Steel has “rotted completely”The chief administrative officer for the Town of Wawa said taxpayers can’t afford the $500,000 to fix the landmark.”The fact is that we’re having problems with the tail feathers and one of the wings. canada goose outlet sale

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