Samer Bishay is the CEO of Sugar Mobile

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Canada Goose Clearances SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileSugar Mobile, an upstart provider offering wireless plans for as little as $19 a month, appears to have found a backdoor into the Canadian cellphone market, which has long been largely closed to new entrants who don’t own their own networks.And if it’s successful, some analysts say, it could lead to more competition and lower prices for Canadian consumers.Google Fi might be exactly what Canada’s telecom market needsWireless rates rise with hikes in internet, home phone ahead”I think this is the future,” says Samer Bishay, president and CEO of Sugar Mobile.Bishay says a telcom oligopoly has prevented the mobile market from flourishing. “With our technology and our position in the Canadian market, we feel that we can penetrate that barrier and push through.”Sugar Mobile’s service is run using an app designed to work on both Wi Fi and 3G networks.Samer Bishay is the CEO of Sugar Mobile, which uses an app designed to work on both Wi Fi and 3G networks. (CBC)You’ll need an unlocked phone, but for a one time startup fee of $29 and a monthly cost of $19, Sugar Mobile customers get unlimited talk, text, and data over Wi Fi and 200 MB of non Wi Fi data.The non Wi Fi data may not sound like much, but Sugar Mobile says it’s Wi Fi’s ubiquity that allows its model to work.”Most people are in a Wi Fi hotspot 85 to 90 per cent of the time,” says Bishay.”During the time you’re in that zone, we allow you to do all your calls on the Wi Fi network, so it connects you to the mobility network without having to incur the cost of keeping a cell tower engaged all the time Canada Goose Clearances.

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