ok everybody…. take your clothes off now!

the american artist/photographer spencer tunick was in amsterdam this weekend to shoot a series of installations at secret locations, my girlfirned and i took part last night…

we were told to go to a multi-storey car park in town at 3.30 a.m.! and it was great fun…the main shot was taken on the circular ramps of the car-park involving 2000 people…

all of us men were then shot separately on the forecourt of a petrol station on our knees and the women on bicycles crossing a bridge over the canal… (yep my girlfriend is in that picture) we spent hours getting ready and the pictures were done very rapidly as the sun came up at dawn… the final result is being presented at a party tonight (sunday) and the images will be on show at the end of june somewhere in town, we have already managed to spot ourselves amongst the people in the car park picture above…

the final image (below) involving 17 people was done with a special (invisible) bridge of people across the ‘lijnbaansgracht’ canal

the middle and lower images have been ‘borrowed’ from online news sites, in the lower picture holding a camera is spencer tunick himself

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