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last saturday my lovely daughter keet got herself a little brother: ‘luuk charly pyper’ was born around six pm… welcome to the world son, it’s a fun place

(things could be a bit quiet for a few days here on the blog for obvious reasons..)

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(big) work in progress


the first image of the 13 meter long truck, which is being covered with our ‘metropole orkest’ identity this week, can’t wait to see it for real…

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going, going… gone


i had my first ever gig as autioneer on friday night, pushing up daisy was a big success as they raised (more than) the money needed to plant a new tree; and a good time was had by all… well done guys, great fun…


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design for function


an impression of the awards evening last thursday, i must have had my flies open or something… judging by the number women who appear to find me amusing


(photos courtesy of monique kooijmans)

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and the winner is…


oops, me!… well a great deal of the credit goes to ‘erwin olaf’ naturally, with whom i worked closely on this project


but, last night we won the theaterafficheprijs (dutch theater poster award) for 2012-2013, as i said last week i was genuinely convinced that 75B would win (and should have, i think) but still very proud and happy for the honour

after several nominations in the past few years it’s great to win, especially for a client who i am saying goodbye to after so many years together… the award is of course also very much for that client too…

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