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the annual vpro magazine first cover competition (the theme was ‘do it yourself’) have posted all of the entries online (including mine, shown above) the empty space is deliberate: for the magazine’s masthead by the way


someone who had a similar approach to me was maartje verzellenberg (above left) i also liked the one from lotte brans (above right) although the absolute winner in my opinion has to be the entry below from wiebe schipper, who simply took the image the magazine made to publicise the call for entries and stuck a post-it note on it, with simple lithography instructions… literally inviting them to do it themselves…


very smart; but they will probably never go for it, as it too conceptual for the cover i guess..

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last saturday my lovely daughter keet got herself a little brother: ‘luuk charly pyper’ was born around six pm… welcome to the world son, it’s a fun place

(things could be a bit quiet for a few days here on the blog for obvious reasons..)

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(big) work in progress


the first image of the 13 meter long truck, which is being covered with our ‘metropole orkest’ identity this week, can’t wait to see it for real…

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going, going… gone


i had my first ever gig as autioneer on friday night, pushing up daisy was a big success as they raised (more than) the money needed to plant a new tree; and a good time was had by all… well done guys, great fun…


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design for function


an impression of the awards evening last thursday, i must have had my flies open or something… judging by the number women who appear to find me amusing


(photos courtesy of monique kooijmans)

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