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leve ed

last night i attended one of the busiest openings i have ever seen at the stedelijk museum: one of my true heroes ed van der elsken and bumped into another hero: mister anton beeke, great to see that van der elsken’s work remains so releavant and still attracts such a large crowd… well worth a visit

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do the math…

finally, after a really labour-intensive month here at the studio, i am very proud to share our latest project with you: it premiered earlier this afternoon over at clash magazine where you can read some of the background story behind the project… enjoy and hope you like it :)

i’ll post some more stuff and making of images later this week, after a brief pause to catch my breath… it’s been a hectic couple of weeks here in amsterdam

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kapitaal kracht


several weeks back (20th sept.) i was invited to do a short presentation as a guest of bno utrecht, a fun gathering which was held at the wonderful (but soon to be defunct) gallery and creative workspace of kapitaal in utrecht

i shared the evening together with my friends from studio mals and passionate type designer peter bilak, we each had 30 minutes to do our ‘thing’ and there were inspiring words to be heard from both parties


i was allowed to finish up with a (ridiculous) presentation; attempting (against the organisers’ advice) to present 300 slides in max. 30 minutes, eventually coming in under the allocated time by at least 10 minutes! but judging by the reactions, i managed at the very least… to entertain the crowd

once again, thanks for the (i was honoured) invitation, delicious meal and fun evening! see you all again soon i hope…




earlier this month news reached me of the death of my uncle john a sweet man who passed away after a prolonged period of sickness aged 72 years old, them some ten days ago my week took another much darker turn when i learned of the bizarre and tragic death of my good buddy harm wimmenhove who was hit by a speeding police van late at night on his bicycle; whilst crossing a road just around the corner from my office…


i had intended to write a long piece remembering harm, his friendship, the work we did together (this very website since 2005, for example) and all that he meant to me as a person


but… sat here, now, in front of my keyboard, i realise that i don’t really feel like writing that article anymore… i miss him, that’s all… his death was sudden, tragic and has left a great number of people behind’ shocked that he is no more


my thoughts go out to his family & close friends in particular

farewell harm… we had a blast, later on i will play the track ‘phoebe’ by extrawelt from their album ‘in aufruhr’ very loud, just for you… remember?

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spot colours


just arrived in the studio: a new title ‘cmyk & pms printing’ by ‘sendpoints’ publishers, featuring our ‘nomads’ visual identity produced with special, custom spot colour inks…


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